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- Everyone messes this up, but I’ll show you exactly what to say. I passed on your information to my daughter and now she starts her new job tomorrow. Here are tips on how to research a company, get the inside scoop on the company culture, and use your connections to get an interview advantage. This library has a large collection of his interviews. Seems like an innocent “how’s-the-weather” type question, doesn’t it? He doesn’t have a great personality, but he interviews well. How Hard is it to Land a Good Paying Job in Today’s Tough Economy? – Do you prefer working with others or alone?

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Leaders from both NCH Healthcare System and Lee Memorial Health System will present during the October 23 summit. The event is an extension of the CME accredited Lifestyle Medicine 2016, the annual conference of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), set for October 23 26 at the Naples Grande Resort in Naples, Florida. ACLM, in conjunction with Healthways, produced the inaugural Healthcare Transformation Summit in 2016, the driving force being that 80% or more of our nations healthcare spending is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choiceschronic disease that is preventable, treatable and, often, reversible. The Summit serves as a showcase for select systems and leaders that are on the cutting edge of healthcare transformation. Scott Kashman, chief administrator officer for Lee Memorials Cape Coral Hospital, one of the summits featured presenters, says, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s annual conference provides the venue for healthcare providers and leaders to come together and spread our shared vision. Adding, Our philosophy is to start small, impact locally, spread regionally, influence internationally, and this is what ACLM is helping us to do. In searching for a host city for this years conference, we narrowed our search to only those communities that have embraced The Blue Zones Project, said ACLM President David Katz, MD, MPH. Its the Blue Zones around the world that serve as glowing examples of whats possible. Blue Zones populations live long and health-filled lives, where there is a high quality of life until the end of lifecommunities where people are loving the food that loves them back and are simply using lifestyle, available to old and young alike, as the best medicine. The Blues Zones Project of Southwest Florida, and currently twenty-six other like-minded communities, are changing the way hundreds of thousands people live by making the healthy choice the easy choice, said NCH Healthcare System President and CEO Allen Weiss, MD, who will be presenting during the summit. Healthy lifestyle choices which cross generations, cultures, and all socio-economic milieu will help everyone live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Lifestyle medicine is an important part of this journey for everyone. ABOUT THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF LIFESTYLE MEDICINE AND THE HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT: ACLM is the professional medical association for those dedicated to the advancement and clinical practice of Lifestyle Medicine as the foundation of a transformed and sustainable healthcare system. More than a professional association, ACLM is a galvanizing force for change. ACLM addresses the need for quality education and certification, supporting its members in their individual practices and in their collective desire to domestically and globally promote Lifestyle Medicine as the first treatment option, as opposed to a first option of treating symptoms and consequences with expensive, ever increasing quantities of pills and procedures.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit SW Florida’s NCH Healthcare and Lee Memorial Health Systems Take Center Stage at Lifestyle Medicine Healthcare Transformation Summit

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